PPSK is a new feature implemented by the Grandstream GWN line of products. This feature enables multiple passwords to be used under a single WiFi network (SSID). Each password also enables options like VLAN assigment and bandwidth control. 

The benefit of this feature is that rather than having many SSIDs per policy, which in turn consume precious airtime, you can have a single SSID with many policies controlled via password.


Step 1: Configure PPSK Policy

  • Open your GWN.Cloud account and navigate to Settings -> Profiles -> PPSK

Step 2: Name PPSK Policy

  • Give the PPSK policy a friendly name (this will be used later

Step 3: Add new PPSK users

  • Add PPSK users with the appropriate policy

Options include: Maximum number of clients per password, MAC address limitation, Bandwidth Control and VLAN-assignment

Step 4: Configure SSID with PPSK Policy

  • Navigate to Settings -> Wi-Fi and configure a WiFi network and select your PPSK policy under Access Security using the PPSK without RADIUS security type

Once your GWN APs have provisioned, you should now be able to join the WiFi network with any PPSK you have created.

For more information on Grandstream GWN devices, contact us at sales@gowifi.co.nz