This article will explain the process to setup a Grandstream GWN7602 wireless access point as a mesh/repeater device with support for ethernet uplink to another Grandstream AP. This scenario can be useful for getting ethernet ports to a location like a TV recess for hardwired devices.

  1. Login to your GWN cloud account and ensure you have added both access points, upgraded the firmware on each to the latest and setup an SSID/network which has been provisioned both devices.

  2. Enable Mesh mode under System > Mesh and select the interface to mesh on.

  3. Once the devices have finished provisioning, power cycle the GWN7602 with power only connected (no ethernet). It can take up to 5min to connect and mesh off the main AP. You can view the status under System > Mesh > Topology. If your GWN7602 is still not connecting after 10min, try moving it closer to the main AP (i.e. 5 metres away to ensure it successfully connects before moving back to the desired location).

  4. Now that the GWN7602 has successfully connected via mesh, plug a device (i.e. computer into one of the ethernet ports of the GWN7602 to verify you get an ip address and can access the network/internet ok).