In this Go Wireless NZ blog, we will detail how to use voucher-based authentication with GWN WiFi access points.

Voucher-based authentication is a great solution for many scenarios such as:

  • Data-capped internet
  • 3G/4G deployments
  • Consistent traffic limits across users

For the sake of simplicity, I will demonstrate how this is configured in GWN.Cloud (Grandstream's free cloud management platform).

Step 1

Create a Splash Page (the landing page your WiFi users will be presented with when first joining your WiFi network). Navigate to Captive Portal -> Splash Page -> Create Splash Page

Name your Splash Page and under Logging Components, untick all but Voucher. You can also use this editor to modify the look of the Splash Page.

Step 2

Navigate to Captive Portal -> Policy List -> Add

There are a variety of options here such as expiration time and landing page but for now we'll just ensure that the Splash Page Customization is set to our Splash Page we made in the previous step.

Step 3

Now we can navigate to Captive Portal -> Vouchers -> Add to generate some vouchers

There are a few parameters which you can set for the vouchers:

  • Quantity - How many vouchers with the same parameters you want to print
  • Max Devices - Sets how unique devices can use the same voucher
  • Duration - How long the voucher(s) is valid for
  • Upload/Download Limit - Sets the upload/download speed for the devices e.g. 2000Kbps download/1000Kbps upload
  • Byte Limit - Allows you to set a traffic quota in MB (per voucher or device when max devices is 2+)

Step 4

The final step is to assign the Voucher-Based Authentication to a WiFi network. Navigate to SSIDs -> Configuration -> Add

Give it a name, enable it and choose whether it's dual-band or single frequency

Under Access Security, I recommend setting the SSID security to open as you are using Voucher-Based Authentication (so there aren't additional steps to joining the network). Select the Policy we created in the previous steps and optionally enable Client Isolation.

Step 5

Now that you've configured all the settings, apply this SSID to the applicable AP(s) in your network and issue a test voucher. Once you confirm that it works, you're all good to go.

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