As Aotearoa New Zealand Fibre connections use a VLAN tag, this needs to be configured prior to adding the router into your GWN.Cloud account.

For VLAN configuration, follow this blog:

Once the above blog has been followed, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1

Head to and log in with your account (click sign up and follow process if you don't have an account yet).

Step 2

Navigate to the Network you intend to deploy the router - in my case Go Wireless HQ

Step 3

Navigate to the Devices tab, click Add, and enter a name and MAC/Password details on the base of your unit.

Step 4

You will be prompted to assign SSIDs in your current network to the router. This will override any SSIDs pre-configured on the local webUI. This is optional.

Step 5 - optional

At this stage; when a router is added into GWN.Cloud, the WAN settings in your network will not be overridden e.g. will show only DHCP. 

Optionally, you can navigate to Settings -> Internet -> WAN settings and configure these to match your fibre provider's settings