From UI's press release:

"Site Magic allows you to easily inter-connect UniFi Gateways across multiple locations with just a few clicks to create a high-performance and scalable SD-WAN.

Instead of setting up complicated manual site-to-site VPNs and networking between multiple gateways, simply select the gateways you want to connect through the UniFi Portal.

As long as one gateway has a public IP, even gateways behind NAT or on LTE/5G service can participate."

Configuration of this feature is very simple. There are only a few requirements:

  1. We recommend a UniFi Gateway Console (UDM Pro, UDM SE, UDW, or UDR) as an all-in-one solution to run Site Magic. Full list of options: UDM Pro/UDM SE/UDW running UniFi OS 3.1 or newer. UDR running UniFi OS 3.1 or newer. UDM running UniFi OS 3.1 or newer. UXG Pro running 3.1 or newer paired with a Cloud Key Gen 2, Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus, Cloud Key Enterprise, or Cloud Console running UniFi Network 7.4 or newer.
  2. At least one gateway must have a public IP address.
  3. All participating gateways and consoles must have the same owner.

Once you have at least two devices that meet the above requirements, it's as simple as browsing to

Click the highlight Site Magic button on the left hand navigation tab

You will then be presented with an option to select 2 to 5 sites that you'd like to connect via Site Magic. REMEMBER: 1 gateway must have a public IP address.


Finally, you will then be presented with a connection tree where you're able to select which networks will participate in Site Magic.

Overall, we think this is a great feature for businesses that run UniFi networks and want to interconnect without the complexity of configuring multiple VPNs and firewall rules.

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