In this blog we will demonstrate how to create a WiFi network within the UniFi Network Controller running v6.x.x using the "New" settings.


Step 1: Open your UniFi controller and navigate to the WiFi section of the Settings page

Step 2: Fill in the following details

  • Name - This is the WiFi name displayed on your phone/laptops WiFi settings
  • Password - Adds a layer of security to joining your WiFi network
  • Network - By default you can leave this as "LAN" but if you are implementing VLANs, this is where you would select your appropriate VLAN (these can be created on the "Networks" tab)

Step 3: (Optional) Select any Advanced settings you may require

  • WiFi Band - Choose whether to broadcast this WiFi network on either 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz or both
  • Broadcasting APs - This setting allows you to select which of your APs will broadcast this WiFi Network
  • L2 Isolation - Isolates devices at the layer 2 (ethernet) level
  • Enable Fast Roaming - Can assist with devices that are moving in and out of range of certain APs

  • Bandwidth Profile - This setting allows you to restrict download/upload speeds to any client that joins this WiFi Network
  • WiFi Scheduler - Allows you to define times where the WiFi Network will not allow clients to join

Step 3: Click Apply Changes

  • Any APs in your selected "Broadcasting APs" group will now enter a provisioning state and begin broadcasting the WiFi Network

Thanks for reading our blog. Feel free to reach out to with any of your UniFi questions