In this blog, we will demonstrate how to set up a UniFi Dream Machine Pro with PPPoE, VLAN-Tagged WAN. This is applies to internet providers such as Spark NZ. This blog will use a laptop to configure the appropriate settings. The UniFi Network mobile app could also be used.

 Please note, the same configuration could also be applied to the standard UniFi Dream Machine.

Step 1: Plug your UDM-Pro to a power source. Connect and ethernet cable between a LAN port on your existing ISP-supplied router and the WAN port of the UDM-Pro. Connect your

  • You will receive an IP address from the UDM-Pro.

Step 2: Open a browser and type in unifi/home into the URL field

  • This will re-direct you to the Dream Machine Pro set up wizard. At this point you will be prompted to name your UDM-Pro.

Step 3: Sign into your account (or create one if you do not have one). This enables remote management of the device.

Step 4: Choose an update schedule for your UDM-Pro. This sets a pre-determined time to search for the latest software/firmware. Can be daily, weekly or off.

Step 5: Optionally enable/disable auto-optimize and diagnostics

Step 6: The UDM-Pro will now perform a speed test to determine your internet speed (download and upload). This is used to determine internet capacity on the dashboard.

Step 7: If the speed test did not represent your current plan, you are able to adjust the speeds on the next step.

Step 8: Review the information and finish the set up wizard.

Step 9: From the home screen of UniFi OS, select the UniFi Network Controller.

Step 10: From the dashboard of the UniFi Network Controller, navigate to the settings (the cog at the bottom left of the screen).

Step 11: In the settings menu, select Networks then edit the WAN profile (or WAN2 if you are planning on using the SFP+ port for your WAN).

Step 12: Your UDM-Pro will now enter a provisioning stage. Once this completes, you are now able to connect your UDM-Pro WAN port directly to your fibre ONT.