1. Download PuTTY from https://www.putty.org/

  2. Log into your Unifi controller and navigate to Site by clicking on the Settings gear wheel on the bottom left of the controller screen.
  3. Click the eye to see the SSH authentication password.

  4. The username and password shown above are required for SSH login using PuTTY. Often the password is a series of hexadecimal characters if it wasn’t changed during the initial setup of the controller.
  5. Open PUTTY and type the IP address of the device you want to connect to and click Connect.
  6. You will be presented with the following dialog box so please read its contents and think about them before clicking Yes as it is a security alert.
  7. The PuTTY window will open, type the username shown in the Enable SSH Authentication screenshot above and press enter.
  8. Type the password shown in the Enable SSH Authentication screenshot in step 3 above and press Enter,  ***Please note when typing the password, the cursor doesn’t move***.
  9. Go to www.ui.com/download and find your device by navigating through the list on the left.

  10. Accept the End User License Agreement after reading it.

    ***Please note*** if the upgrade fails, you may need to repeat the process without deleting the S from HTTPS.Click

  11. Delete the S from HTTPS as some older devices only recognise HTTP and most newer devices can be upgraded by using HTTP.

  12. COPY URL after deleting the S

  13. Go back to PuTTY and type Upgrade then right mouse click to paste into PuTTY and press enter

  14. The Upgrade will begin
  15. The device will reboot and the light will flash white before eventually turning solid blue.
  16. The device should now be visible in the controller and the status should be Updating or Adopting.