This article explains how to create a 2talk register trunk on your Grandstream UCM6100/UCM6200/UCM6500 IP/PBX.

  1. Login to your Grandstream UCM6xxx IP/PBX:
  2. Navigate to Extension/Trunk > VoIP Trunks:
  3. Create a new SIP Trunk and set the following fields:
    Type: Register SIP Trunk
    Provider Name: Enter a descriptive name that identifies the trunk in your PBX. Example 2talk-phone-number
    Host Name:
    Username: Enter your 2talk phone number
    Password: Enter your password used to login to the 2talk account this phone number is assigned to.
  4. Save and then Apply Changes

Now that you have created your sip trunk and it verified it is showing registered on the Dashboard you will need to setup your inbound and outbound routes to before you can send and receive phone calls.