In this blog we explain how to create a speed dial audio file broadcast with Grandstream UCM62XX PABX, Grandstream GXP2160 IP phone and Ubiquiti UAP Educational Access Point/Speakers. This function is great for notifying everyone in range of the Ubiquiti UAP Educational Access Point/Speakers of an emergency or something along those lines. There are multiple schools who are using a installation with the above equipment for emergency announcements.

You will need to configure your UCM PABX and Unifi AP's with a base setup (please see the links below if you would like help setting either of these up):

Firstly you will need to login to the PBX and upload or create a .wav file by going to "PBX Settings" > "Voice Prompt" > "Custom prompt".

In here you can either record a new custom prompt by selecting the "Record New Custom Prompt" > create a "File name", then select a "Format" and select the Extension of the phone you would like to record the custom prompt on. Or upload a pre-recorded custom prompt by selecting "Upload Custom Prompt' and choose a audio file from your files.

Now that you have the audio prompt you would like to use, go to the "Value-added Features" > "Announcement Center" in the UCM.

Click "+ Add Announcement Center", give it a unique "Name", "Code", select the "Custom Prompt" you created, change "Auto Answer" to yes and now click "Save".

Now select "+ Add Group" give it a unique "Name" and "Number". Then select all of the extensions you would like to be part of the announcement group and select "Save".

If you dial the code created in "+ Add Announcement Center" combined with the number created in "+ Add Group" the custom audio prompt should play through all the UAP-AC-EDU extensions that were added in "+ Add Group".

Now you can setup the announcement as a hotkey on a Grandstream phone.

Login into the phone you would like to configure.

In the GXP2160 I am using for this configuration, select "Settings" > "Programmable Keys" > "Physical Multi-Purpose Keys".

Select the hotkey you would like to use and the mode. BLF should do the trick.

A similar result can be configured in the Paging/Intercom section, however it will require the phone dialing the announcement extension to terminate the call.

Whereas this is done automatically in the "Announcement Center" once the "Custom Prompt has finished playing.

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