This article will explain the process for adding and updating model template packages on the UCM. This is generally required if you purchase a new Grandstream IP Phone or other device and have issues discovering and provisioning it with Zero Config. The reason for this is that the new device template has not yet been bundled into the UCM firmware and therefore needs to be downloaded separately.

In the below screenshot we are trying to provision a GRP2614 via Zero Config and have noticed the device Version, Vendor and Model have not been detected:

  1. Login to the UCM and navigate to Value Added Features > Zero Config > Model Update and download the device template for your device:
  2. Use the Auto Discover to rediscover the device:
  3. Check you results once the scan has finished:
  4. If your device is still not being detected try deleting the config file by clicking on the red bin icon and then rebooting the Phone/device: