In this article we will explain how to present different 2talk numbers from extensions connected to a Grandstream UCM6xxx series IP/PBX when only one trunk number is registered for outbound trunking.

  1. Login to your 2talk account and enable outbound trunking for your Trunk/Pilot Number that will be configured on the PBX:

  2. Make sure you have configured and registered your extensions.

  3. Configure your 2talk trunk, if you have already created your 2talk register trunk be sure to check the follow settings:
    Keep Trunk CID: Disabled
    From User: Trunk/Pilot Number
    DOD As From Name: Enabled

  4. Ensure you have created an outbound route (the route below will send all calls out Trunk: 2talk_1 - 02825514560)

  5. As you can see below we have our Trunk/Pilot Number (02825514560) and two additional numbers which are not registered on the UCM or anywhere else.

  6. We will now setup DOD for extensions who wish to present an alternate 2talk number under the same account as your trunk number (i.e. 1001 will present their Caller ID as 02825514561, 1002 will present their Caller ID as 02825514562, all other extensions will not be configured for DOD and therefore will present as the trunk number (02825514560).

  7. You should now see in you traces that the "From" and "Contact URI User Part" should now display the DOD number configured for that extension on the UCM:
    Example: Call from 1002 (DOD: 02825514562) via trunk 02825514560 to 021xxxxxx