In this guide we will show you how to create a scheduled pre-recorded broadcast using Grandstream UCM62XX PABX and Ubiquiti UAP Educational Access Point/Speakers.

We use this function to notify staff of the end of the day. We have customers who are using this same application for things like school bells to notify breaks, lunch etc.

Once you have created extensions for each of your UAP-AC-EDU's and your EDU extension groups (see guide below):

Go to the PBX and upload or create a .wav audio file by going to "PBX Settings" > "Voice Prompt" > "Custom prompt".

In here you can either record a new custom prompt by selecting the "Record New Custom Prompt" > create a "File name", then select a "Format" and select the Extension of the phone you would like to record the custom prompt on. Or upload a pre-recorded custom prompt by selecting "Upload Custom Prompt' and choose a audio file from your files.

Now you have your .wav file ready, go to "Value-added Features" > "Wakeup Service" > "+ Create New Wakeup Service"

Enable the Wakeup Service. Create a "Name". Select one of the wave files in the "Prompt" section.

Now either select a date and time you would like the Prompt/.wav to play or select "Custom Date:" and then select the days and the time you would like the prompt to play.

Select all of the extensions/extension groups under "Members", that you would like to be part of the scheduled.

Select "Save" and "Apply".

You now have a scheduled broadcast on the day and time specified!

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