Free cloud-management right from your phone


Wi-Fi Made Easy

Cambium Networks Swift gives you cloud-based management of your Enterprise networks right from your phone. Configure your networks in a few taps and get the most relevant statistics at your fingertips.

Manage multiple networks with a single login. Swift supports multiple users with configurable read-only or read-write roles.

The app supports Cambium Networks Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, cnPilot Wi-Fi Access Points, and cnMatrix switches.

  1. Download the app and sign up/ register accordingly  – See Quick Start Guide included with the purchase of the hardware for more options *Please note that hardware cannot be adopted and managed via cnMaestro and Swift at the same time, it's either-or (Future upgrades pending)

  2. Add sites and devices – As per the below, you can have more than 1 site and numerous devices from a single login (AP's & Switches)
  3. Devices can be added by scanning the MSN QR code/ Barcode OR enter the serial number instead

        4. Device mounting options, powering options and onboarding steps - Note the LED Indication displaying the onboarding status 

5. Choose if you want to create an "Employee" or "Guest" network and follow the steps accordingly - I'm choosing "Guest" for the sake of this blog 

6. Follow the below steps to create your network - Note the options that allow for:

  • Naming the network
  • Adding a Password
  • Enable Guest Access Portal
  • Upload a logo/ image for the Splash page
  • Splash Text Title
  • Add a Welcome Message
  • T's & C's
  • Optional Speed and Time limits 

 7. Splash Page Guest Access Portal: Guest Access Portal allows configuration of a Splash page, Access Controls, and Network sharing options

8. Monitor Network / Overview 

Be sure to contact us for more info: 

Support, Warranty, and More:

•            Standard 3-year warranty on all “E” Series Outdoor gear

•            Standard 5-year warranty on all “E” Series Indoor gear, including cnMatrix switches

•            Global 24/7 Support: +64-98010033 / 

•            IP rated outdoor gear for harsh conditions

•            FREE Cloud-based or on-premises software for secure, end-to-end network control