Cambium Networks cnPilot E410 Long Range Wi-Fi

Quick start guide & setting up a basic network – Optional Guest Access Portal setup ideal for SME’s, Hospitality, Educational Institutes, and Enterprise type Wi-Fi deployments: Guest Access Portal allows configuration of a Splash page, Access Controls, and view Client Sessions details. Currently, in Access Controls, Free and Voucher based policy configuration are supported. 

The cnPilot E410 is an 802.11ac Wave 2 Indoor access point, 2x2 MU-MIMO


  1. Powering up – See Quick Start Guide included with the purchase of this AP
    • 802.3af Compliant – You can power this AP via PoE Switch or Injector (We sell both options, with/ without injector)
    • Connect Ethernet cable to Eth 1/ PoE of the AP
    • Connect the other end to the PoE Injector (Gigabit Data+ Power) OR Compliant PoE Switch
    • If using the Injector, power up using the power cord provided
  2. Configure Management PC – As per Quick Start Guide
    • The E410 will use a default static IP address of if no IP address has been received via DHCP 
    • Access via http or https (Webpage management interface access), SSH (CLI management interface access)
    • Default Login: Username: admin & Password: admin
  3. AP Management 
    • Standalone: The E410 can be managed directly from its GUI by selecting the “Configure” tab on the menu, and setting up a basic wireless LAN
    • Controller: The E410 can be onboarded to cnMaestro free network controller system, either on-premises or via the cloud version at 

For the sake of this blog, and highly recommended, I will be using cnMaestro cloudFor management from the cloud, ensure the E410 has connectivity to the internet

Why join Cambium Cloud Services?

-Easy Onboard

-Claim all your Cambium devices, Access, Backhaul, and WiFi in the Cloud.

-Monitor Your Entire Network in a single pane of glass

-Leverage hierarchical dashboards, statistics, and maps to view status and drill into problem areas

-Configure Devices On Cloud

-Automatically provision devices on registration, or group devices and apply configuration parameters across your network

-Troubleshooting Was Never So Intuitive

-Visualize tower-to-edge device health and evaluate real-time client network connectivity

        4. cnMaestro


  • Create a Company Account – Follow the steps accordingly

  • cnMaestro home:

5. Claim E410

  • Click on the “Get Started” button top right 
  • Claim the E410 by entering the MSN as displayed:

  • After successfully claiming the E410, click “Next” 


6. Configure Wireless LAN

  • Select Country
  • Select SSID identifier for your network – I’m using cnPilot Go W Test 
  • Set the Passphrase – WPA2 Pre-Shared Keys highly recommended 
  • Click on the “Finish” button 

  • After clicking on the “Finish” button, give the E410 time to onboard – This may take a few minutes, note how the LED changes colour on the AP

  • Remember the E410 needs to be powered up and have access to the internet 
  • If the LED is blue, the E410 is managed via cnMaestro
  • You will see the following – “You may now manage your AP in cnMaestro. You should be able to connect to your E410 using your SSID and password as per config above”


7. OptionalGuest Access Portal: Guest Access Portal allows configuration of a Splash page, Access Controls, and the view of Client Session details. Currently, in Access Controls, Free and Voucher based policy configuration is supported

  • While on the Home page, navigate to “Services”, 2nd from the bottom on the left, click on “Guest Access Portal”, click on “Add Portal” top right
  • Name and Description of the Guest Portal – Note the Client Login Event Logging feature if needed for future ref. I’m using Go_Wireless-Office, Office Staff and Guests for the sake of this blog
  • Click save and select the newly created portal
  • Note the options based on the desired tab you want to edit: “Basic” “Access” “Splash” “Sessions”
  • Click on “Access” – Note the options “Free” & “Vouchers” I’m going to create a “Free” for the sake of this blog
  • Click on “Enable Free Access”
  • Note how you can control the Client Session, Rate Limit and Quota Limit 
  • Click “Social Login” if this feature is required – I’m selecting Facebook for the sake of this blog 

  • Click on “Add Whitelist” if you want to add acceptable/ trustworthy IP Addresses or Domain Names – Remember to click “Save” to save all changes 


  • Navigate to “Splash” to edit your splash page – Note you can edit: “Logo” “Background” “Text Design” “Content” “Advanced” and “Custom” 

8. Monitor Network 

  • View dashboards, statistics, and maps at each level of device tree – Click on “Manage” 

Be sure to contact us for more info: 

cnPilot E410: 

Support, Warranty, and More:

•            Standard 3-year warranty on all “E” Series Outdoor gear

•            Standard 5-year warranty on all “E” Series Indoor gear, including Switches

•            Global 24/7 Support: +64-98010033 / 

•            IP rated outdoor gear for harsh conditions

•            FREE Cloud-based or on-premises software for secure, end-to-end network control

•            Captive Portal/ Guest Access options

•            802.11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO & Beamforming Technology options

•            Rate/Time/Quota control

•            PoE Out & PoE Pass-Thru options avail for ease of deployment