This article explains how to create a Ubiquiti Point to Multipoint Wireless Network. This configuration requires completion of the Ubiquiti Point to Point WDS Bridge before continuing.

Step 1:

Connect the NSM5 (Station) to your laptop or network and navigate to the Wireless tab.

Wireless Mode: Station

WDS (Transparent Bridge Mode): Enable

Channel Width: 30 MHz
Select Change and Apply settings.

Step 2:

Click the Select button next to the SSID field.

Click the radio button next to your SSID (my_wds_bridge) and the press Select.

Enter WPA Preshared Key: mys3curek3y123

Select Change but do not Apply settings yet.

Step 3:

On the Network tab make the following changes.

IP Address:


Gateway IP:

Primary DNS IP:

Select Change but do not Apply settings yet.

Step 4:

On the System tab change the following.

Device Name: NSM5-ST (Optional)

Time Zone: (GMT+12:00) Auckland, Wellington, Fiji, Kamchatka (Optional)

Administrator Username: admin (Optional)

Current Password: ubnt (Optional)

New Password: mys3cr3t (Optional)

Select Change and Apply settings.

Step 5:

Verify the Station configured and connected successfully by logging into the main Access Point the station is connecting to and checking the connection status on the Main tab.