The Ubiquiti NanoStation 5AC (NS5AC) has a poe passthrough port which can power a secondary access point or camera. The secondary port is PASSIVE, this means that it will pass the source voltage through that powered the NanoStation to the secondary port.


  1. The included POE injector only has enough current to power the NanoStation itself. If you wish to power a secondary device, add the max power consumption of the NanoStation5AC (8.5W) and the max power consumption of the device you wish to power through the secondary port. i.e. NS5AC (8.5W) + UVC-G3-AF (4W) = 12.5W max at 24V is required to power both devices. The Ubiquiti POE-24-24W-G is a 24W POE injector that will power both devices. 
  2. If you need to power a 48V camera or other device then you will need to purchase a 48V POE injector to power both devices. This will pass 48V passive power through the secondary port and will burn out any device that does not support 48V.