You have just purchased a Ubiquiti Outdoor Wireless Access Point to extend your wireless coverage. This simple guide will explain the basic settings required to get your Ubiquiti Access Point configured to start serving laptops and mobile devices.

I don't know how to get to the Login page of my Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point?
I don't know what my Gateway, DNS or IP Address should be?

Step 1 - Login:
Navigate to the login page and enter the default username and password. When selecting your country it is best suited for New Zealand customers to choose United States for their country code (especically when using auto channel selection).
Username: ubnt
Password: ubnt
Country Code: United States

Step 2 - Wireless Settings:

Wireless Mode: Access Point
SSID: wireless_network_name
Channel Width: 20Mhz
Frequency, MHz: auto
Security: WPA2-AES
WPA Authentication: PSK
WPA Preshared Key: your_wireless_key
Change: Change but don't apply yet!

Step 3 - Network Settings:
Network Mode: Bridge
Management IP Address: Static
IP Address: unique_ip_on_your_network
Gateway IP: ip_address_of_your_router/modem
Primary DNS IP: ip_address_of_your_router/modem
Change: Change

Step 4 - Disable AirMAX:
airMAX: disable
Change and Apply: Change; Apply

Step 5 - Testing:
Connect to your new Outdoor Wireless Access Point by connecting to the SSID created in Step 2.