This guide is if you are using a MikroTik router at the edge of your network, and want to feed traffic statistics into Ubiquiti's UCRM/UNMS.

This guide assumes you have Ubiquiti UCRM/UNMS operating correctly, and that the MikroTik routerboard has IP access to it.

I will provide instructions for both GUI and CLI below.


1. Go to IP > Traffic Flow

2. In Traffic Flow Settings:

Click enabled.

Set Interface to where your customer traffic is located. 

Set Active Flow Timeout to 00:01:00

Apply those changes and click on Targets

3. In IP > Traffic Flow Settings > Targets

Under Dst. Address - This is where you will put the IP address of the UNMS Server.

Change the port from 1234 to 2055 (This is what UNMS uses for Netflow)

Set Version 5 (Version 9 does work but i've had some issues with it)

Click Apply and OK

4. Under IP > Traffic Flow

Go to the status tab it should show you Finished and Active flows as seen below:


/ip traffic-flow
set active-flow-timeout=1m cache-entries=4k enabled=yes interfaces=bridge1
/ip traffic-flow target
add dst-address= version=5