With the release of RouterOS v6.14, Mikrotik is offering a Dynamic DNS service for RouterBOARD devices.

(Note: Currently running as a public beta. Server availability could vary, and syntax could change)

This enables you to have access to your router from anywhere on the internet, without the need for signing up to 3rd party Dynamic DNS Services or writing scripts to keep dynamically changing addresses up to date somewhere. FYI this will not work if your router does not have a public address associated with it.

This is handy if you need access to:

  • Access security cameras behind your network
  • Manage your router or router's behind it
  • Access a local file server
  • VPN to your home network from anywhere in the world.

To enable this feature, make sure your RouterBOARD is up to date.
Head to System > Packages and click Check For Updates. Then Download & Upgrade on the right-hand side of the new window. Your router will now reboot and install the latest version of RouterOS.

Once it's installed, you'll now have a new option in your IP menu called cloud:

Once opened, all you need to do is select Enabled, and it will update itself with the Mikrotik Dynamic DNS Servers.

Success! Save your DNS name somewhere, that'll be the address you can use from anywhere to access it and you'll always have access to your router/network.

For further information, please refer to the MikroTik Wiki