This article describes how to add your UniFi cameras to any Milesight NVR. This allows you to view your camera feed inside the Milesight NVR and via M-Sight mobile app and perform full-time recording.

Step 1:

Login to your UniFi camera and ensure the following is set:

Mode: Standalone

Enable RTSP Authentication: No

Step 2:

Record the RTSP URLs for both High and Low:
High: rtsp://camera_ip:554/s0

Low: rtsp://camera_ip:554/s1

Step 3:

Login to your Milesight NVR and add the camera under Settings > Camera > Camera Management > Add:

Channel: Any channel is fine

Protocol: RTSP

Secondary: rtsp://camera_ip:554/s1 (Low quality stream for better playback on mobile app/low bandwidth)

User Name: Any is fine as the stream is unauthenticated

Channel Name: Name of camera

Primary: rtsp://camera_ip:554/s0 (High quality stream to record)

Transport: Auto

Password: Any is fine as the stream is unauthenticated

Step 4:

Click Add to add the camera, once it has been added, click refresh until you see the status change to a tick:

Step 5:

Check the camera Primary and Secondary streams play ok in the Live View:

Step 6:

Enable full-time recording under Settings > Storage > Video Record > Record Schedule. Select the channel your UniFi camera is on and then change to Continuous then click Select All and Save.

Step 7:

Set record parameters for the camera (optional):


RTSP cameras only support full-time recording (no motion detection) however you can set quotas on cameras recordings if you wish to limit the amount of storage the camera uses. This can be found under Settings > Storage > Storage Mode > Quota and enable a Quota for the camera. 

In this example we have enabled the quota for channel 1 and set the record capacity to 100GB: