Did you know that you can stream your Milesight camera to the likes of Twitch and YouTube with free software?

Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS, is a free, open-source software that can take a variety of input sources and stream them live to Twitch and YouTube. It is available on most platforms and can be downloaded here: https://obsproject.com/download

In this blog, I will use the Real Time Streaming Protocol, or RTSP, and broadcast a Milesight camera on Twitch.tv

Step 1

Log into your Milesight camera. This could be a DHCP-assigned address or the fallback IP address of From the main page, click Configuration.

Step 2

Navigate to Basic Setting -> Network -> RTSP. Here you will see that the port used for streaming is 554 (this is important soon).

Step 3

Open OBS and under the Sources tab, add a Media Source.

Step 4

Give the source a friendly name, I've used Milesight Camera Test.

Step 5

Uncheck Local File if this is selected. Under Input, type in rtsp://username:password@IP-address-of-camera:554 where:

username - default Milesight camera username

password - password you set up on the Milesight

IP-address-of-camera - IP address of the Milesight camera ( in my case)

Step 6

At this stage you're ready to go with streaming. In my case, I set up OBS with my Twitch account during installation so all I have to do is click the Start Streaming button at the bottom right of the page.