The standalone AmpliFi HD Router and MeshPoint can be set up as an access point with a 3rd party router by following this procedure:

Plug in your AmpliFi router or MeshPoint. The MeshPoint will have the 3 middle LEDs flashing, indicating that the MeshPoint is ready to be added.

Setup can be performed using the AmpliFi app or by connecting to the wireless 'setup network' on a computer or mobile device.

Setup using the AmpliFi app

1. Launch the AmpliFi app.

2. Select Setup AmpliFi Standalone MeshPoint


3. Select the standalone router or mesh point to be set up.


4. Select a local network for it to extend.


5. Enter the password for that network and it will connect after a short time.


Setup through the setup network

1. Connect to the MeshPoint's setup network, it should have the model name of the device and several letters and numbers after.


2. A setup window will pop up, select the network that the MeshPoint will extend (the local network).


3. Enter the password for the network you selected.


4. The MeshPoint will then connect to the selected network.