What is Terragraph? 

Gigabit fibre-like speeds are becoming an industry norm and physical fibre deployments is not always an option. Poor last mile connectivity is a limiting factor when it comes to high-speed broadband. 

Terragraph is a technology that operates on the 60 GHz unlicensed band delivering fibre-like speeds, the world's most advanced mmWave Mesh solution. 

In markets where fibre access to consumers is cost-prohibitive and slow to deploy due to factors such as permitting, trenching etc., Terragraph can be a better alternative to provide fibre-like connectivity at a significantly lower cost. It’s also much faster to deploy and can be brought to market in a matter of weeks.

Using street-level mmWave radios, Terragraph leverages existing street furniture to create a wireless distribution network ideally suited for last-mile fixed access.

The technology is able to deliver fibre-like connectivity to customers at a fraction of the cost of fibre. 

Benefits of Terragraph

Faster Time To Market:

Easy Deployment Terragraph is faster to deploy than any wireline service because it mounts on existing Street Furniture and does not require costly Right of Way Permissions.

Scale When You Need It:

Terragraph networks can be easily scaled as demand grows greatly reducing the upfront investment needed. 

Resilient Mesh:

Terragraph deploys a multi-node mesh network, allowing for built-in signal re-routing to ensure high availability and reliability.

Terragraph Partners

-Cambium Networks




60 GHz 802.11ad vs. 802.11ay

Typical Deployment Example

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**More info and resources used for this article: https://terragraph.com/ Partners: Cambium Networks; IgniteNet; Siklu and MikroTik