In this blog I will demonstrate how I connected a VSSL A.1 to my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and configured it as an audio out in Logic Pro X.

This blog demonstrates the flexibility of deployment possibilities that the VSSL A.1 provides.

My main aim was to use a pair of TruAudio B23 Bad Boy speakers ( as studio monitors for Logic Pro X. This would allow me to live track guitar and listen to it via playback.

Below is the signal chain:

First, I connected my Scarlett Focusrite Solo to the Analog In connections on the rear of the VSSL A.1 using a dual 1.4' TS to RCA cable (

Next, I opened Logic Pro X on my MacBook and started a new project with a single track:

Under Preferences -> Audio, I selected the Scarlett Solo USB as the Input and Output Device:

I then selected Input 2 as the Input Source for my audio track (as my guitar was connected to Input 2 on my Scarlett Solo):

I used a free VST from ML Sound Labs to give my guitar tone a bit more excitement ( 

Next I made sure that the volume was set on the VSSL A1 using the VSSL Mobile App:

Next I tested the volume by playing some guitar and using the Monitor Output Dial on the Scarlett Solo to adjust as needed:

At this stage I was good to go to record a track (I added a few guitar tracks and a drum sample):

Whilst this isn't a regular use case for the VSSL Series, I thought it would be a good opportunity to test how flexible they are. The results were great and the guitar sounded awesome through the speakers.

Equipment used:

For any questions related to VSSL and TruAudio, please contact Go Wireless NZ at or (03) 741 1339.