IoT has huge potential to transform the way we think and operate in a large range of industries.

In the dynamic realm of industries, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging as a catalyst for transformative change. By seamlessly interconnecting devices, sensors, and systems, IoT holds the potential to revolutionize operations, leading to enhanced efficiency, productivity gains, and invaluable time-saving advantages. 

harnessLet's delve into how specific industries are harnessing this power to drive operational excellence and redefine success.


The Importance of Sensing Environmental Changes

Real-time data of water usage, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide and salinity of farmland or greenhouse regularly uploaded by sensors can be collected, transmitted and analysed in the Scopious app.

Soil monitoring, for example, can help improve the agricultural planting environment, reduce power consumption and cost while giving farmers the opportunity to respond to conditions as needed during peak seasons.

Predictability, Reliability and Productivity

  • Smart Irrigation
  • Reservoir Level Monitoring
  • Smart Soil Monitoring


Improving Life in the City

Find and locate suspicious activity and potential danger while increasing operator safety reduces costs for manual labour and maximises efficiency. Detect unsafe situations (such as vandalism in the area, gunshots breaking glass, panic, screaming). Real-time information enables emergency situations to be handled effectively and in time. Air Freshness Measurement, Motion (PIR) Detection, Lighting Adjustment and Temperature/Humidity Monitoring are easy to deploy in any facility, such as smart buildings, museums, libraries.

Safety, Reliability, Satisfaction

  • Smarter Classroom
  • Office Environmental Monitoring
  • Access Control Automation
  • Wastewater Management
  • Passenger Counting on Bus


The Power of Data in the Energy Sector

The rapidly evolving need to remotely monitor and control utility-scale solar power generating assets is driving demand for solar monitoring solutions. However, some difficulties occur on daily maintenance. For example, staff has to be sent out to the site to check out and do some repairs regularly in the whole year in the distribution system, which costs lots of money. It's not just the solar industry that could benefit from better remote management. Alerting oil, gas and wind farm admins of problems once occurred without sending field workers remote sites.

Efficiency, Reliability and Professionalism

  • Oil & Gas Field
  • Solar Monitoring
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • EV Charging Stations
  • FTU Monitoring
  • Smart Metering


Better Data Means Better Patient Care

Provided medical devices are network-enabled equipment, service personnel can monitor devices in real-time, perform predictive maintenance, and greatly reduce service calls and downtime. Using data from sensors installed in patients rooms, an authorised observer can monitor multiple patients at the same time. The system might assist with: When a patient attempts to move from a safe position (bed, chair, etc.). For non-emergency situations, the observer can communicate through audio communication. Specific help can be dispatched when needed, thereby increasing efficiency.

Visibility, Efficiency and Safety

  • Outpatient Care Devices
  • Noise Monitoring


Where Payment Flexibility and Safety is Crucial

Industrial 4G LTE routers can be used in PoS payment systems to provide 4G network for safe data and stable transmission. By collecting and analysing data, out-of-service kiosks can be dealt with remotely and promptly in real-time, saving costs and time on call outs. A smart vending solution maximises productivity and profitability after connection: cash accountability, item level tracking, alarm monitoring. Digital signage content displayed to users can be changed and customized via SMS text message, and bar code coupons can be issued to cellular devices.

Reliability, Flexibility and Security

  • Secure ATM
  • POS Payment System
  • Digital Signage
  • Smart Vending Solution


Empowering Stadium and Fan Experience

Automatically find a specific person through face recognition technology (if appropriately authorised to do so). Situations involving missing persons and risky situations can be handled extremely efficiently. Detect current and future area occupancy (for example, live gate-entry rates, queue length status, and unexpected crowds detected). Real-time information and statistics make it possible to handle emergency situations and assign resources appropriately. Accurate information and spectacular infographics contribute to continuous fan engagement.

Security, Satisfaction and Accuracy

  • Missing Person Identification
  • Accurate real-time results
  • Enhanced Occupancy Control


Optimising Traffic and Transportation

Information collected from cameras and sensors can be analyzed along with rush-hour traffic patterns and any nearby traffic accidents. The results of this data analysis are used to automatically adjust traffic lights and optimise traffic flow. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances and buses are connected with traffic control systems in order to get priority over other vehicles. Location, timing and fuel costs can be monitored for fleet management. Transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter use of transport networks. By identifying vehicle, station and platform occupancy and planning travel times before boarding, IoT intelligence can enhance passenger's safety and confidence during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Statistics make it possible to predict future occupancy and assign resources appropriately.

Efficiency, Predicability and Optimisation

  • Traffic Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Intelligent Public Transportation System


Intelligent Industrial Operation for the Future 

IoT intelligence can result in increased efficiency of the manufacturing, product quality improvement, product cost and resource consumption decrease and improve traditional industry to a new stage of intelligence. Warehouses can monitor, detect and alert on PPE parameters (Personal Protective Equipment Monitoring) in a non-invasive way and detect people trespassing on yellow lines into restricted areas.

Professionalism, Quality and Reliability 

  • Smart Cold Storage
  • Smart Checkweigher & Packing Machines
  • Boiler Control System
  • CNC Control Systems

IoT is overwhelming and knowing where to begin can be difficult but it doesn't have to be. Luckily the team at Scopious are experts in this area and have the know-how and tools to get you started with confidence. Talk to a consultant today.

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The Scopious Difference

The Scopious Difference

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