This article will explain how to connect a ChatBit CB90DECT Headset with a Grandstream GXP16xx, GXP17xx, GXP21xx series IP Phone.

  1. Always ensure your phone is running the latest firmware as updated firmware can often include bug fixes for 3rd party device compatibility. To upgrade a Grandstream IP Phone follow the steps in this article.
  2. Connect the power supply to the headset base unit and power the base on.
  3. Connect the ChatBit EHS adaptor (CBEHS) to the CB90DECT base unit and GXP16xx, GXP17xx, GXP21xx series IP Phone as per the wiring diagram below:

  4. Login to your Grandstream IP Phone and navigate to Settings > Preferences > Audio Control and make the following adjustments before saving and applying settings: