The new UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus has a 1TB HDD and can simultaneously run UniFi Protect and UniFi SDN.


When running both, it can manage up to 15 cameras and 50 UniFi devices. When operating in Protect mode (i.e. only UniFi Protect service running) it can manage up to 20 cameras.


In this blog, I will demonstrate how to disable a service (UniFi SDN in this instance).


  1. From the main screen, select "Manage Cloud Key"

  2. Login using your credentials (ubnt for both username and password by default)

  3. From this screen, select "Configure"

  4. To disable a service, select "Stop UniFi ..." on the appropriate service you want to stop. You can also check for updates in this screen.
  5. The System Stats screen illustrates CPU load, unit temperature and memory usage. This shows the stats before the service was disabled.

  6. Here are the stats after the UniFi SDN is disabled. As you can see, more memory is now available to use