In this blog I will demonstrate how to adopt a G3 Flex into UniFi Protect using the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus.


  1. Log in to the IP address of the UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus (this can be found on the display) and select "Launch" under UniFi Protect.
  2. This first screen will ask you to name the NVR and accept their End User License Agreement.
  3. This next screen will ask you to create an account to access your NVR locally.

  4. In this screen, you have the ability to link the NVR up to a Ubiquiti cloud account. This gives you the ability to remotely view and access any cameras you have adopted into UniFi protect.

  5. This screen allows you to adopt all UniFi cameras that the Cloud Key has discovered on the network.

  6. This screen shows the home page of UniFi Protect. This populates with cameras that are adopted and some useful information about them such as IP address and Link State.
  7. By clicking on an adopted camera, you will get more statistics about the camera such as MAC address. You are also able to click the play icon and watch the live view of the camera.

  8. This screen shows the options available whilst in the live view of the camera.