Some customers may choose to use the EPMP1000 Radio as a CNPilot Device that can be managed in CNMaestro.

Using the hotspot firmware also allows for this device to Mesh to a Cambium E400/E410/E500 etc.

My example shows upgrading a new unit that started with Firmware version 2.3.4.

If your unit comes with an older firmware than this, you will need to upgrade it first, before the Hotspot firmware can be applied, on the flip side, if you already have the latest firmware installed, ie 3.5.2, you will actually need to downgrade this before the radio will accept the firmware image.

For reference, I found that version 3.0.1 worked fine. 

If your version is too new you will receive this error:


Firmware files can be found at


Download the Hot Spot Firmware:


For older versions of the standard EPMP1000 Software, see the archive section, if you have an older version, such as 1.6, you will need to bring it up to at least 2.34 before attempting to apply the Hotspot firmware.



Login to the Radio, the default IP is, Login and Password are both admin.

Once you have logged in, navigate to Tools > Software Upgrade and then browse for the Hotspot Firmware file you downloaded earlier and click Upgrade.

Once the file upload is complete, you will need to reboot the Radio.  (Reboot Button on the top right).


The unit will now obtain an address via DHCP.

The login and main screens should now looks like this:



At this point the Hotspot conversion is successful.