You currently have a Grandstream DP715 and wish to subscribe to another handset (DP710).

This guide assumes you have already configured your DP715 correctly (i.e. you can make and receive phone calls).


Step 1:
Login to your DP715 Base Station and navigate to the Handsets tab:

Step 2:
We now need to register the DP710 with the DP715 Base station, on the DP710 Handset follow these steps:
1. Enter Handset Menu on the Phone
2. Enter Handset option in Menu
3. Enter Registration option in Menu
4.Select Register
5. Select Base 1
5. Enter system pin and press ok (default code is "0000")
6. In the DP715 web interface (prepared in Step 1) click "Enable Subcription Mode"

Step 3:
Verify the DP710 has successfully registered with the Base Station:
1. On the DP710 Handset you should here it beep and no longer display "Not Register" on the display.
2. In the DP715 web interface navigate to the Status tab and verify Handset 2 is subscribed:


Step 4:
Navigate to Profile 1/2 tab (whichever profile you are using) on the DP715 Base Station and change the "Hunting Group Type" to Shared Line.
Apply Settings.

Step 5:
Navigate to the Handsets page and make the following changes:
1. Set Handset 1 Hunting Group to "Active"
2. Set Handset to Hunting Group to "1".
3. Apply Settings.

Step 6:
Verify Handset 2 is working as expected.
1. Make an outgoing call from Handset 2 (DP710). This should succeed.
2. Make an incoming call to this account from an outside line (i.e. from you cell phone). Both Handset 1 and Handset 2 should ring.

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