This article will explain how to upgrade the firmware on your Grandstream DP750/DP752 Base station and  DP720/DP730 handsets.

Step 1:

Navigate to Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade and set the firmware server path to '' and ensure Automatic Upgrade Handset Firmware is set to yes at the bottom of the page before clicking Save and Apply:

Step 2:

While on the same page, click 'Start' to start the firmware upgrade of your Base station. Please be patient as this can take up to 10 minutes or more to download, apply firmware and reboot.

Step 3:

Ensure all of your handsets are registered to the base station. 

  1. Press and hold the subscribe button on the DP75x base station until the light starts flashing (hold for approx 5-10 seconds). 
  2. Press Subscribe on the handset
  3. Select a Base (generally Base 1 unless you have multiple base stations).
  4. Press Subscribe and wait for confirmation that the subscription was successful.

Step 4:

Navigate to Status > DECT Base Status on the base station to view the status of your handsets and their firmware:


If your handset has not automatically upgraded, you can force an upgrade with the 'upgrade' button: