SmartCasting to Personalize In-room Media with Mobile Device Streaming to TV

For network security, the hotels often set up the room network as L2 Guest Network to prevent guests from accessing each other's devices. Under the Guest Network, the guests will be blocked from casting multimedia of mobile devices onto the room TV, which causes inconvenience and a poor stay experience for the guests.

The newly released EnGenius SmartCasting feature, combined with ECW215, provides smooth, fast setup and streaming on Guest Networks for media sticks, game consoles, and other devices for an exceptional, personalized entertainment experience. This Intelligent feature of EnGenius Cloud is different from the simple technology of simply casting to a Chromecast and AppleTV.

How SmartCasting Works

  1. Create the SmartCasting SSID in EnGenius Cloud, and the SmartCasting SSID will have all casting devices under this SSID and allow them to cast to the device.

  2. The SSID of SmartCasting can be accessed with a predefined URL, and this URL will be available for guests via a QR code.

  3. By scanning the QR code, the hotel guests will be able to quickly cast the media on mobile devices to the room TV screen.

Access and Enable SmartCasting


  2. Create a new SSID for casting devices > choose the SSID type to “SmartCast” > Add casting devices


  1. Connect all casting devices to the SSID.

  2. Auto or manually add casting devices.

    •   Auto: Connect your casting devices to the SSID first > The Auto mode will scan the casting devices connecting to the SSID.

    •   Manual: Manually add the casting devices by their MAC address.


5. Download the “QR code” of each casting device and insert it into the backdrop of the casting device for guests to scan the code showing on the TV or print the QR code out and place it in each room.