The EnGenius ENS202v2 is capable of operating in multiple wireless modes. These include Repeater, Access Point and WDS Access Point/Station. In this blog we will discuss Repeater and Access Point mode, their purpose and how to enable each.

First we will look at Repeater mode.

Repeater mode

Repeater mode allows an ENS202v2 to capture an existing WiFi signal (regardless of vendor device) and retransmit it. This is great if you want to broadcast your WiFi somewhere where it is weak, e.g. outside.

To accomplish this, follow the first three steps of this blog. Then:

Navigate to the Wireless page and select Repeater under Operation Mode (you will also need to set New Zealand as your Country/Region).

Click the Scan button next to AP Detection to bring up a list of SSIDs in range.

Select the SSID (WiFi network) you want repeated and fill in the password.

Save and apply all changes. Your device will now reboot and begin Repeating the WiFi signal. It will now receive an IP address from you local DHCP server so you will need to discover this to log into the unit again.

Access Point mode

Access Point mode allows you to broadcast a WiFi signal for any wireless client to join. 

To configure, log in to the device and navigate to the Wireless page. Select Access Point under Operation Mode. For best practices on channel selection, contact us at

Click Edit under the first SSID to be redirected to the SSID settings page. Under SSID, give your WiFi network a friendly name. Under Security Mode, select WPA2-PSK and type in your password under the Passphrase field.

Click Save and apply all unsaved changes. You should now see the WiFi network appear on your list of available networks.

Remove the ethernet connection between your laptop/PC and the PoE injector. Connect an ethernet cable between the LAN port on the PoE injector and a spare LAN port on your internet router.