The VSSL series is very simple to set up using the Google Home app. In this blog we'll step through the process using an iPhone 13.

This blog uses a VSSL A.1 Home so we'll include steps to join the WiFi network. These steps do not apply to non-WiFi VSSL like the A.3 and A.6.

Set up instructions

Once you open the Google Home app, you will see a prompt to "Set up VSSL...". Tap this to progress to the next screen:

Select, or create a new, home to assign your VSSL to:

The app will now look for the VSSL:

The app will now connect to the VSSL and play a sound through your connected speakers:

The next step asks if you want to participate in Google's analytics:

Now choose what room the VSSL is located in:

Give the VSSL a name (this helps identify the unit when you cast to it):

Choose the WiFi network to connect to (these steps only apply to the A.1):

Link the VSSL to your Google account:

At this point, your VSSL may perform an update if one is available:

How to play music through your VSSL

To finish this blog, we'll give a quick demo of how to play music through the VSSL.

Open your preferred music app and start playing a song.

I've chosen Spotify. Click the devices button at the bottom left:

You will now see the available devices to cast to, choose your device:

You should now hear music through your speakers:

VSSL supports Chromecast Audio, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect.