In this quick how-to, I'll show you how to play music simultaneously across multiple zones using Apple's AirPlay 2 functionality.

For this to work you'll need:

  • A multi-zone VSSL such as the A3 or A6 (or 2+ A1.Home)
  • An iPhone/iPad connected to the same network as your VSSL
  • A streaming app such as Spotify

In this how-to, I'll be using Spotify on an iPhone 13 connecting to 2x VSSL A1.Home

Step 1

Open your preferred streaming app and select a song

Step 2

Open control center (dragging from the top right of my screen in this case) and tap on the AirPlay icon on the media controls

Step 3

Select your zones that you'd like to play music in

Step 4

Enjoy the music, it should now be playing across your zones simultaneously.

In this how-to I used the following equipment:

VSSL A1.Home -

CT-4 Speakers -

CSUB-8 Subwoofer -

B23 Bad Boy Speakers -

Go Wireless NZ has a wide range of speaker and streaming options, contact for more details.