This article will explain how to centralise management and facility access using GDS Manager with multiple Grandstream GDS37xx Facility Access Door Systems.


  • Ensure all of your GDS37xx units have been configured correctly as standalone units to open/close there respective door.
  • Ensure all GDS37xx devices and your GDS Manager Server have the correct date and time settings as this may cause issues when configuring date and time schedules.
  1. Login to each GDS37xx and enable Door System Settings > Basic Settings > Central Mode. This will allow the GDS37xx to be managed by GDS Manager.

  2. Download and install GDS Manager for Windows. Ensure end to end connectivity is available between the GDS Manager. This means the devices should be on the same local network as the GDS Manager Server.

  3. Start the GDSServer and and configure it, make a note of the ip address and port number (this will be the ip address and port number you connect to in the next step).
  4. Start the GDSManager and connect using the ip address and port noted in the previous step. The default username and password is 'admin'.
  5. Add your GDS37xx devices under Device > Configuration:

  6. Create a schedule under Basic Information > Schedule by editing one of the existing schedules:
  7. Create a group and apply the schedule created in the previous step:
  8. Navigate to Basic Information > Member > Add member to create a new member with their associated swipe card/fob and pin code.
    Name: User name of card/fob holder
    Virtual Number: Number that can be pressed from the keypad to dial the user SIP number (masks the SIP number).
    SIP Number: SIP phone number for this user if applicable.
    Group: Group this user belongs to.
    Schedule: Schedule this user belongs to.
    Card Number: Card/FOB number (can be found by using the USB RFID Card Reader or built in scanner in GDS37xx door units.
    Enable: Whether this user is enabled/disabled.
    Start Date / End Date: Start and end date for this user.
    Password: Pin code for this user.
  9. Once you have clicked 'Save Add' you may be prompted to sync the users to the GDS37xx units. If you do not receive a popup, click Synchronize data and then select the GDS door units and users to sync.
  10. Login to the GDS37xx units and verify the user has synced successfully.
  11. Test the Card/FOB and pin code access is working as expected.