In this example we will explain how to pair a Grandstream IP Phone with the Grandstream GDS3710 Facility Access Door Entry System using the 2talk cloud PBX. This method should work with other 3rd party PBX systems as well.


This article assumes you have already prewired the door strike.

Step 1:

Setup a SIP Account under Account > Account 1 and ensure that it is registered under the Status > Account Status page once configured.

Step 2:

Under Door System Settings > Basic Settings; configure the Call Mode, Number Called When Door Bell Pressed and the Remote PIN to Open Door.


  1. Press the bell button on the GDS3710 which will initiate a call to the number specified in 'Number called when door bell pressed' (028222222). 
  2. Answer the phone, view the video feed if applicable (this should be automatic on SIP IP Video Phones like the GXV3370/GXV3380). 
  3. To Unlock the door, enter the 'Remote PIN to open door' code you entered followed by the hash key. 
  4. The door should now unlock.

Optional configuration for one button unlock:

On the GXV3380 (or any other Grandstream Phone that supports it). DTMF option will work from an Phone (including cell phones). You can use 'Service Type: Door System' and 'Door System Type: GDS' only if you have a Grandstream IP Phone and are communicating directly or through a Grandstream PBX. This option will not work with 3rd party PBX's - DTMF must be used instead.