This blog details the initial set up of the UniFi UNVR.

Before powering the unit on, ensure you have your hard drives placed in the drive bays.

Initial Set Up

Step 1: Connect UNVR to power and network

Step 2: Type the IP address of the UNVR into a browser. 

  • This is DHCP by default

Step 3: Name your UNVR

Step 4: Login, or create, with your account. This enables remote management of the UNVR and cameras.

Step 5: Choose an update schedule. This can be daily, weekly or disabled.

Step 5: Opt in/out of sending diagnostics and performance information to Ubiquiti.

Step 6: Review and confirm changes.

Step 7: UNVR will now apply changes.

Step 8: UNVR will now update if one is available.

Step 9: Once completed, you are now able to configure settings such as static IP, users and location. Click the UniFi Protect button and proceed with setting up your cameras.

Step 10 (optional): You are able to check the status of the RAID array build via SSH. Simply issue the command cat /proc/mdstat.