In this blog we will demonstrate how to adopt the UFP-Viewport into UniFi Protect. We will use a UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus and UVC-G3-Dome as our lab equipment.

The UniFi Protect ViewPort allows you to view your UniFi Protect camera feeds on an HDMI display. It uses Power over Ethernet and connects to the local network hosting your cameras and connects via HDMI to a display. The UniFi Protect ViewPort offers 4K video output at 30 frames per second. Protect systems can be viewed in custom high-density camera matrix configurations.

This blog begins with a UniFi Protect installation with one camera already adopted. Please contact if you require assistance getting to this point.

Step 1: From the Cameras page, select "Add Devices"

Step 2: Name your device and select "Add Devices"

Step 3: You will now be able configure the "Live View" used by the UFP-Viewport. For this blog, we will configure a new view to demonstrate how this is done. 

Step 4: On the Live View page, select "Add View"

Step 5: Name your view and select the layout you wish to use. In our case we will choose "1 Camera" as we only have 1 camera available.

Step 6: Drag and drop your cameras into the desired location on the view and click "Save"

Step 7: You will now be able to select your new view from the UFP-Viewport options on the Cameras page

Step 8: Connect your UFP-Viewport to a display to verify configuration.