There are a lot of hotels looking to upgrade their legacy phone system as we move toward Voice over IP. Here are some reasons why you might be considering upgrading:

  1. Expensive analog phone line charges (especially for international calls and cell phones)
  2. Fibre internet upgrades that are forcing you to move off the legacy analog system
  3. Limited flexibility of your current system

When pairing the Grandstream UCM6200 Series IP/PBX and GXW42xx Series Analog Gateways, you can provide a cost-effective, powerful and easy to manage system with no ongoing licensing fees.


Here is an example of how you can upgrade your existing analog system to VoIP without replacing the analog phones in each room saving you on hardware, deployment and configuration costs.



Grandstream UCM6202 and GXW4224 Analog Gateway Configuration

Disable the default extension range so that you can create extension numbers to match your room numbers (optional):



Create extensions for all analog phones inside rooms:





Assign extensions to the Analog Gateway FXS ports where the room phones connect back to (i.e. room 101 connects to FXS port 1 on the GXW4224, room 202 connects to FXS port 2 etc.):





This is a basic configuration to get your room phones connected to the IP/PBX as a SIP connection instead of replacing all of your analog phones with SIP phones. You will also need to configure your SIP trunk (phone line), other extensions such as the reception phone and inbound and outbound routes. This can all be configured easily with the Grandstream UCM6202 IP/PBX.

Some great benefits of this setup include:

  • No ongoing license fees (one off low hardware cost with free firmware updates)
  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in time and money without having to upgrade phones in each hotel room.
  • Cheaper calling rates for you and your guests
  • Works with existing Hotel PMS software including Hmobile, Mitel and HSC allowing you to manage wakeup, room status, mini bar and maid services from the Grandstream UCM6202 IP/PBX.