Backhaul links are the vital infrastructure that connects the network. You need confidence that your solution will work under heavy demand, regardless of the conditions.


Licensed microwave link systems are engineered to provide predictable multi-gigabit speeds with a reliability of 99.999% uptime with no interference. 

When are licensed links mainly used?

  • In high-density areas suffering from RF interference

  • Mission-critical data requiring 99.999% uptime

  • Telecommunications, campus networks, IP, PDH and SDH networks, intranets and LAN connections

  • Organisations looking to create long-distance LAN connections or reduce the cost of existing leased lines

Link Distances3 Determining Factors for Going Licensed

Almost every PtP wireless link can be a candidate for licensed spectrum. However, there are three basic questions to help you make this determination:

  1. How far is the link? As the distance between two radios increases, so does the opportunity for interference. With the unlicensed spectrum, there is no guarantee that you will have a clean spectrum today and tomorrow. Anyone can use unlicensed spectrum and there is nothing stopping them from interfering with your business.
    You will never have to worry about interference with a licensed link. Making licensing the best choice for links that are several kms or more.

  2. How sensitive is your data? Unlicensed links can be fairly secure depending on the manufacturer and protocols. However, licensed links are inherently more secure offering 128 and 256-bit encryption. If you are installing a link for a medical facility, bank, government or school, licensed links are the best option for high security.

  3. Will you lose money if the link goes down? In some scenarios, every second a link is down is money being lost. Often, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with SLAs, and Broadcast companies using wireless for STLs have contracts that specify monetary penalties for broken links and dead air. Licensed links can be designed with up to 99.999% availability.

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