If you have a remote Netonix switch and you can't access the webpage due to TLS security you can upgrade the firmware via your MikroTik core router.

  1. Head the Netonix website and get the latest firmware: https://forums.netonix.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=240&sid=87f15caa843f9a2bd8d641c9043b7c0a
  2. Upload this file to the MikroTik Router
  3. Go to IP > TFTP on your MikroTik and add a entry, setting the Filenames and IP Address thats allowed to access the router. I've used to allow all. Be sure to disable this once you are done.
  4. Open up terminal and SSH into your Netonix router. Mine is still on the default IP of Once you've done this, issue the firmware upgrade command (example seen below)
  5. You should see a progress bar as the firmware transfers and then the Netonix unit upgrades
  6. And then it's done! The switch will automatically reboot and then you can access it via the IP address in your web browser