In this blog we will demonstrate how to use the Family Profiles feature of the Nokia Beacon to block websites.

This blog assumes you have already configured your Nokia Beacon unit. All steps below are configured using the Nokia WiFi app available for IOS and Android.

Step 1

Navigate to the Profiles section and click Create New

Step 2

Give your profile a name and click Continue

Step 3

You will now be presented with a list of devices that are currently connected to your Nokia Beacon over WiFi. At this point you could add the devices to the profile that you wish to block websites for. It can also be done once you have created the profile. Click the Blue Tick at the top of the screen once your finished this step.

Step 4

From the profile screen, select Website Filtering

Step 5

Click Continue

Step 6

Enable Filtering by clicking the Blue Slider and select Blocked Websites

Step 7

Enter any website you wish to block in the format shown below

Step 8

Verify that the sites are blocked by browsing to them on a device included in this profile

This feature is available on all Nokia Beacon devices listed here:

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