In this blog we will demonstrate how to configure a Point-to-Point link with a set of Mimosa C5x radios.

This assumes you have prior knowledge of how to connect outdoor radios to PoE and connect to them via Web UI. Feel free to contact us at if you need assistance on this.

Mimosa radios work differently to most as they require an unlock and firmware upgrade before you can configure them. This also adds the benefit of being able to remote manage them via Mimosa Cloud.

Before unlocking the radios, head to and create a free account.

From there, select Manage and navigate to C5x PTP as illustrated below:

After downloading the latest firmware, go to (by default if not connected to a network with DHCP enabled). Select Firmware Upgrade and upload the file you just downloaded.

Once firmware has been upgraded, select Manual Unlock.

Head back to Mimosa Cloud and select Unlock.

Follow the prompts to retrieve your unlock key.

When retrieving the unlock key, select PTP mode as this enables both PtP and PtMP modes.

Now we have the unlock key, head back to the Mimosa C5x radio and type this in.

Once unlocked, you will be prompted to create a new password.

Navigate to Wireless -> Link and under the "Link Mode" option, select PTP. You will be prompted to reboot the radio.

Once rebooted, select Access point mode. We will also create an SSID and Encryption Key (this must match on both radios).

Optionally, navigate to Preferences -> General and give the device a "Device Friendly Name".

For simplicity of management, navigate to Preferences -> Management and give the device a static IP address.

To get the best performance out of your link, navigate to Wireless -> Channel & Power to view the Spectrum Analyzer. This will illustrate the RF environment of where your radio is located. Based on your results and requirements, select your Channel Width and Center Frequency. If you need assistance with this, contact us at 

Now that we have configured the Access Point, repeat the firmware and unlock process as above. Then navigate to Wireless -> Link and select Station mode. Match the SSID and Encryption Key from your Access Point.

You should also configure a static IP address for your Station radio.

You should now navigate to Overview -> Dashboard to verify that your wireless link has established. You'll also be able to use this page to monitor signal level and perfor