In this Go Wireless NZ blog, we will demonstrate how to set up a Cisco CBW Access Point and Repeater. The products used are the Cisco CBW140AC Access Point and CBW142ACM Repeater.

How to configure a Cisco CBW Access Point

Step 1: Connect to the CiscoBusiness-Setup SSID on your phone

Step 2: Select the "Set up My Network" option

Step 3: Create an Administrator account

Step 3: Give your AP a friendly name and fill in the time and date settings

Step 3: Configure network settings (DHCP or Static IP)

Step 3: Create an SSID (Wireless Network) for clients to join

Step 3: Submit and confirm the changes made

At this stage you will need to wait 6+ minutes for the AP to provision these settings. You will also need to connect your device to the new SSID to continue the setup

How to configure a Cisco Repeater

Step 3: Select "Add Mesh Extender" and "Scan QR Code"

Step 3: Scan the QR code of your repeater unit and dismiss the alert

Step 3: Provide a friendly name for the device

Step 3: Submit changes and click "Done"

Step 3: Navigate to the "More" tab and click "Save Configuration"

Step 3: Confirm both devices are visible in the "Devices" tab

You have now successfully configured a Cisco CBW Access Point and Repeater. If you have any further questions about the Cisco Small Business portfolio, please contact us at or head to