In this blog we are going to learn how to configure a TRB14x unit to send you a text message when the status of the Input/Output changes. This is especially handy for situations where remote monitoring is crucial, whether that is monitoring motor control modules, relays or something as simple as monitoring a PIR module, for security reasons. 

For this test, I am using this power cable: 

Initially we need to ensure that the SIM is working - For troubleshooting a 3G/4G connection see this blog here:

Now that we have a solid connection to your ISP, we need to set I/O rules. Go to Services > Input/Output > I/O Juggler. This is where we will configure our rules. There are at least three parts to this... We need to configure a general rule, an action and a condition. All three of these will need to be set to get to our end result, as we will need a condition to trigger the action, and a rule to set that action in motion.

Lets look at the condition first - 

I have named this condition "Trigger" - In this scenario, pin 3 is hooked into a PIR. When the PIR detects movement, the circuit will open, causing the state to change to Low. So for this condition, we have set the condition type to I/O, the I/O to pin 3 and the state that will trigger the condition, is Low. Click Save and apply, and lets move onto the Action. 

I have named this action "input", and the action type has been set to SMS. The text message field is where you would enter the message that gets sent to you when this action is triggered. You can add multiple codes to this text message depending on the device information that you want to receive. You can find those codes in the red box below:

You can also add a delay to this action if you like, but 9 times out of 10, you can leave this set to 0. I have set a single number, and I have entered my number for testing purposes. When entering the number, you need to add a "+64" before the number and leave out the 0 at the beginning of your number. For example, if your number is 0212345678, you would enter: +64212345678. Make sure you add the condition that we created earlier, as that is the condition that will trigger this action. Click save and apply, and we can move onto our general rule. 

Now we can bring all of our rules together. First, enable the rule. The trigger interval specifies the shortest amount of seconds between triggers. The trigger is the state that will activate this rule, which we can set to rising, falling or both. The actions and conditions that are specified, have to be met before this rule will trigger. As you can see in my conditions field, I have entered a second condition, "timeoff1". I have created this condition to specify that this general rule can only trigger during specific hours***. From here, click save and apply, and at this point, we can test. 

On our power lead ( ) I have connected a 12v power supply to the IO, to replicate the closed circuit on the PIR, when i pull the power plug out, the voltage will drop, triggering the conditions, actions and general rule that we have specified. See the results below:

Now that we know how to send a text on an IO state change, have a play around with different conditions and actions that are found at the link below. 

***See this link for extra actions and conditions: