In this blog we will give an overview of the EnGenius Cloud Solution and offerings. We will also look at EnGenius Cloud itself.

EnGenius Cloud Solution

The EnGenius Cloud solution is a collection of WiFi access points and switches that can either be managed locally, i.e. on-device, or via the free EnGenius Cloud platform at


As illustrated above, there are plenty of options available from standard WiFi-5 (802.11AC) APs all the way to APs with the latest WiFi-6 technology.

There are also many options for switches available in multiple port densities and PoE budgets. There are also multi-G port switches in the pipeline to cater for the high-speed requirements of WiFi-6.

The EnGenius Cloud provides a single pane of glass to manage your switches, APs and wireless clients. Users can configure everything from SSIDs to RADIUS users.

For more details on how your business/customers could use the EnGenius Cloud solution in your/their business, please contact for more information.