To configure the Open Mesh G200 for a Fibre connection (using PPPoE), ensure that the following steps are completed:

  1. Connect the G200 to a DHCP enabled network and ensure the router has connection to the internet
  2. Under Manage-> Router add the G200 router using the MAC address on the bottom of the unit
  3. Under Configure -> Maintenance upgrade your router to the latest firmware (at least 1.0.6 to support PPPoE

Now that the router is on the latest firmware, we will SSH into the unit using Putty to configure through the WAN wizard

  1. Download Putty (
  2. Connect your PC/Laptop to LAN1 and you will receive an address in the range
  3. Open Putty and connect to on port 1968
  4. As an example, I will use the Spark Fibre settings. Set mode to pppoe
  5. Set username to ""
  6. Set password to "password"
  7. Set VID to "10"
  8. In the host uniq, ac and service fields, type "empty"
  9. Set number of DNS servers to "2"
  10. Set DNS1 and DNS2 to "" and  "" in either order you choose based on your DNS preferences
  11. Confirm settings with "y"

Now connect your WAN port to your PPPoE connection and test internet by pinging and browsing to a website