This article will explain how to auto provision the Grandstream WP820 WiFi IP Phone without connecting each phone to the wireless network manually.


Step 1:

Create a SSID on your wireless network with the following details:

SSID: wp_master
Passphrase: wp!987@dmin
Security Type: WPA2-AES

Step 2:

Power on your WP820 phones and watch them connect to the wireless network!

Step 3:

You can now proceed with autoprovisioning the WP820 phones the following ways:

  1. Login to each WP820 via its IP Address and update the WiFi settings to connect to your preferred WiFi network.
  2. Using the Grandstream UCM6xxx Series IP/PBX Zero Configuration. You can specify the P Values to re-provision the WP820 WiFi IP Phones with your preferred SSID and Security key.
  3. Using GAPs. You can create a config file for your WP820 WiFi IP Phones and upload them to your HTTP/HTTPS/TFTP server where the device will automatically pull the configuration file and apply it. This option requires a GAPS account (talk to one of our sales team for more information).